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A policeman and a police Cadet Officer are now the centre of an investigation by the Guyana Police Force. According to the policeman,Denver Nuggets Throwback Jersey, a constable, the problem began when a businessman identified as Anthony Sarjoo,Tom Waddle Bears Throwback Jersey, nearly slammed into his car.He said that Sarjoo was heading out of Lusignan, on Tuesday,Terrell Brandon Cavaliers Throwback Jersey, and failed to stop when he reached the East Coast Demerara Highway, narrowly missing the policeman?s vehicle,Adam Joseph Duhe Dolphins Throwback Jersey, PNN 2871.The policeman stopped and confronted the errant driver only in turn to be confronted by a drawn pistol.The constable said that a woman who witnessed the incident advised him to run since it appeared that the shooter was going to kill him. The policeman said that he re-entered his vehicle and was heading to the Vigilance Police Station when the errant driver sped past them heading east.The rank said that he called Cove and John to alert the police there to stop the motorist but someone replied that there was no station rank.According to the police constable, Sarjoo headed to Enmore. By then some ranks were mobilized and they scoured Enmore eventually finding the motorist.When questioned,Babe Ruth Braves Throwback Jersey, the man said that he had bought a large quantity of fish and when he saw the individual approaching him, he became afraid since the rank was in civilian clothes.However the other ranks invited him to the police station where the motorist then said that he had $4 million on his person and he was afraid that he was about to be robbed. He said that in his state of apprehension he pulled out his weapon to confront the person approaching him.At Cove and John, according to reports,Mike Singletary Bears Throwback Jersey, the Divisional Commander,Jim Brown Browns Throwback Jersey, Cecil Josiah,Dan Marino Dolphins Throwback Jersey, intervened. He asked the constable and the cadet officer to step into his office. He then went upstairs with the second in command and an Inspector attached to the Criminal Investigations Department.The CID rank then came down and questioned him about the ownership of the vehicle he was driving. He then asked the rank to lodge his vehicle in the compound.At this point he became the object of an investigation. He said that he was forced to give a statement about his ownership. He also called his aunt who had supported him with some money; he got his bank statement to support his loan to purchase the vehicle and other relevant information.He is still without the services of his vehicle. Meanwhile,Tom Jackson Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, Sarjoo was released on $30,000 station bail.