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Even as the cases of domestic abuse continue to rise in Guyana, yet another housewife is in fear for her life since her common-law husband who reportedly attempted to poison her was detained but subsequently released on bail by police at the Mahaicony Police Station.Almost in tears yesterday, Mathilda Watson,Wholesale Jerseys Online, 53 of Huntley, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara told this newspaper that around 10:00 hrs on Friday her maid, while pouring milk from a pot into a bottle,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, noticed that the liquid was almost blue in colour and had a strange nauseating smell.She said she at first she took things lightly thinking maybe her mate Neville Peters had added water to the milk. However she said upon close examination she realized that ?something was just not right? with the milk in the pot.Neighbours reported the incident to the police and Neville Peters was taken into custody at the Mahaicony Police Station on Saturday morning.Police have since taken a sample of the milk for testing and the man was released shortly after on bail. The tests will determine what substance was thrown into the milk if any.Watson said she took no chances since her abusive mate had threatened to poison her on several occasions.She explained that two weeks ago she caught him creeping up to a flask of hot water she had placed on the table with intentions of making tea later. She said he seemed intent on placing something he concealed in his hands into the hot water but was startled when he realised she was observing him.As a result the woman is extra careful of what she consumes in the home and would not return to eat anything if she was interrupted and had to leave her food for any reason, once Peters was in the house.On Saturday the distraught housewife indicated that she was living with domestic and physical abuse for over 28 years and is continuously subjected to blows, insults and lewd taunts from the man.She said he has ?a serious drinking problem? and would be intoxicated for most of the time.Mathilda and Neville live alone in a home at Huntley Village where she operates a grocery store. She said that Peters would accuse her daily of ?having other men? and keeps her a prisoner in the home. She said he would act suspiciously when males come to the shop and later arguments always ended with a beating. She said that he hardly allowed her to socialize,Cheap Jerseys Store, and never gave her a chance to have any input into making decisions that regarded their welfare or relationship. Watson told Kaieteur News that Peters would often abuse her verbally and most times try to hit her in the presence of customers.The woman said that she had indicated to Peters she wanted nothing that he possessed but just wanted to be happy and free, but to no avail as he held her in the overpowering and dictatorship relationship. She said sometime ago she stopped granting him sexual favours since she ?could no longer respond? to him and the two now sleep in separate bedrooms. The woman is worried that since they still live in the same house the man will harm her now that the police have released him. However,Cheap Jerseys China, she is contemplating obtaining a restraining order that will keep him away since she wants to sleep and live like any other normal person.Police reports indicated that two years ago Peters was arrested for assaulting her in one of his many drunken tantrums.The woman related that she was always afraid to report her spouse?s behaviour to the police for fear of what he will do to her later. She noted that she even attempted to keep a down low on the recently alleged poisoning incident, but villagers who eventually learnt about it,Wholesale China Jerseys, reported it to the police.According to Ms. Watson, on several instances she had utilized the services of the police to remove the irate man from the home,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, but he always returns some time later,Cheap Jerseys From China, forces his way in and continue to make her life a living hell. Police at Mahaicony are investigating the matter. (Alex Wayne)