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Author: Subject: the body of the swinging once
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[*] posted on 26-7-2016 at 12:11 AM
the body of the swinging once

aybe that is the role of the true qi, half a year of (seems foolish. More than half a year before it seems to the many, ChenNing momentum to expose undoubtedly. Look simple and
honest is so stable, has a generation of ace dull model.
In the morning, a as if like smoke from the figure of stone mist comes out. Not a sound out,China Cheap Jerseys, undulating terrain around and not cause any obstacles to him, like a green gray
smoke droped, from the steep downhill reckoned to rush toward to. mbt shoes sale Have behind him, a huge figure every now and then
and has come up with, from the top of the hill swooped down, only too fast. Flapped its wings will reduce the momentum for a while, time, have more than a previous to ash
shadow, two figure lightning downhill. They, it is
The holy and start, he beat the LongYi, suddenly opened its mouth, a stream of gray energy immediately to the serpent spray. The serpent eyes reveal a look of panic, besides a,
a stream of pink, with the aroma of gas gush out. The mist and gray light contact Chi a Chi sound. Disappeared almost at the same time.
Foolish not ingested a giant serpent spewed to red mist, immediately feel a burst of vertigo, heart in a surprised, and hastened to the body that will be the true qi
burstling poison gas to dispel the body.
The serpent see his outbursts of poison fog can resist the evil attack, frightened facial expression disappear, open-mouthed, show sharp teeth of the giant, gave to the
foolish and the migration of evil come over.
Foolish drifted into a smoke boasts fell to the giant serpent to back, though he didn’t want to kill, but this one giant serpent look is really evil. He can’t have human
death in its giant under the mouth. Yellow energy sword not hesitate to into the back of the serpent. The serpent seems to feel his own danger, the body of the swinging once, by
that such a qi to determine the energy sword challengers, although the serpent tough flake stop for a second. But yellow light or forfeiture of it back.
The serpent practically the whole body, fierce twisted, huge of a serpent before to his
sudden and back to foolish to bombardment. Foolish dare not hard to block, take the energy sword, drifted escaped the giant serpent attack. Just the energy sword although into
the body of the serpent. But he has cost many capability, the giant serpent body that dark blue flake tenacity is unusual, if not foolish to born with nutrition attack, I’m
afraid it is difficult to penetrate his defense.
The serpent apparently have been hit, the body continuously twisted, blue blood from the wound constantly outflow, YiKouKou pink poison fog continued jet, make foolish and
holy evil can’t close, surrounding plants, all with a little poison fog, will be withering away immediately.
Foolish know, although the sword successful Pierce the serpent’s body, but not cause injury,coach black friday sale 2016, the serpent body seems to have a powerful energy like,michael kors black friday handbags, in the energy sword into
the serpent body, will hit the body slants, making it impossible to damage to the serpent bones and meridians. In severe pain,Wholesale Jerseys 2016, the serpent angry, the body crazy swing up, dozens
of meters around within a, suddenly a FeiShaZouShi, large plants in its huge body disappeared under, foolish finally see the whole picture of the giant serpent, the SheZu have
close to 30 meters long, even if the distance it dozens of meters away, still can feel his body waved send out the brisk wind. Holy flapped its wings and flew up, the original
pink poison the fog had spread to come over, foolish can’t snub, floating body, the fall behind in a plant dozens of meters tall trees.
The serpent died down, the body dish into a snake looking at foolish and the evil. The evil and not because
the enemy’s strong and daunting, long with a volume,China Jerseys 2016, it seems like very excited.
From the blood of the dragon further foolish in the call TieGong xuan, his JianFa though not how, but the following so big goals was easily shot the. He clearly know, in
their own capability, the only way the arrow energy shoot 3 ability, the serpent body so great, if can’t hit it key, I’m afraid it is difficult to do any damage to it.
Although foolish hurt the serpent, but the serpent or will the evil as their main enemy, and constantly head YiKouKou poison out of the mist, the evil is in no rush to attack
the powerful enemy,China NFL Jerseys Cheap Sale, fly to poison the mist of the reach of the swirling, giant serpent poison fog obviously and the evil LongYan, is have a certain number of, at this time,
poison fog already and gradually of weakened the, through the fog dissipates gradually poison, can see a clear its body.
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